Spectral Imaging for Aflatoxin Detection

Secure Food Solutions patented spectral imaging technology for aflatoxin testing in corn is Rapid, Reliable, Non-Destructive and Easily Automated for Unlimited Testing. Developed by scientists at Mississippi State University and USDA-ARS labs, the technology relies on the unique spectral fluorescence of aflatoxin contaminated corn under UV light, and a programmed algorithm for detection based on a Normalized Difference Fluorescence Index. With a processing time of just a few seconds, over 60 samples could be screened with our technology in the same period of time it takes to run one chemical test. 

The heart of the technology is the detection algorithm, which we are embedding into software for integration into existing hardware applications. The high speed, reliability and non-destructive nature of the technology open up commercial applications in:

Batch Screeners to minimize sampling error by expanding the capacity of grain handlers to test more without slowing down operations; and

Optical Sorters (which already screen for other toxins) to screen and remove aflatoxin contaminated corn.